Library Infrastructure

In Tamil Nadu, out of 4,603 Public Libraries 1,753 libraries are functioning in own buildings, 2,516 libraries are functioning in rent free buildings, 320 libraries are functioning in private rented buildings and 14 Mobile Libraries. To implement the vision of the department to house all the libraries in its own building, Rs.135.73 lakh for the construction of new buildings and Rs.22.21 lakh for the maintenance of the buildings have been spent during the year 2016-17.


Computerization with internet, website and email facilities under the financial assistance of Raja Rammohan Roy Library Foundation has been carried out in the Connemara Public Library and all the District Central Libraries. Moreover District Central Libraries have been integrated with the Connemara Public Library through the Internet facility to access the availability of the books in the district by the public easily.

Readers Forum

It is a forum to act as a bridge between the organization and the end users to provide public participation in the library activities and it has been constituted in each library consisting of Educationists, Writers and Members of the library and Local residents. Many important programmes such as introduction of new books and the writers, Literary Debates, Book Exhibitions, Oratory, Essay and Quiz competition etc., are conducted with the effective co-ordination of the readers forum successfully in all libraries .

To encourage the services rendered by the president of the readers forum for development of library activities, Library Activist award comprising certificate and shield is conferred to 3 Presidents of the best Readers Forum.

Members and Patrons

in Libraries Considering the usage of the library services by the public and to intensify the library activities, a special drive was initiated by the department to increase the enrolment of members and patrons, by which an enormous increase in members by 22,75,705 and patrons by 57,609 since 2011-12 has been achieved. Moreover 2,92,725 members and 176 3,821 patrons and 34 great patrons have been enrolled newly during the year 2016–17.